Lacey's Treats

Worn Items From a Canadian Cutie

Stinky Socks

I have a huge pile of stinky socks I pulled out from under my bed! Who needs to wash them when you guys are looking for filthy socks??? mmmmm hmmm Im loving these ones too! Ready to send them off for you to enjoy, email me to purchase.


Lacey’s Treats

Hope everyone is having a great year, looking to have some fun myself!!!

Isnt two better than one? I teamed up with My lovely friend Mel from to give you the pleasure of having a double duo. just imagine taking turns with us??? What a fantasy!!!!

just let me start out by saying welcome to my site and I hope you fully enjoy what I have to offer. stay tuned as ill be working on a few things as I have a hole pile of photos to add and show off my collection of worn items.

I have a pile of used panties but it might not last with the high demand of old worn out, used, dirty ones. Get them while you can ultimate favourites from high school :) about 10 years old! Even have the classic white ankle socks ive been keeping since then too.

I love panty shopping especially getting the “lacey” pairs,  I love thongs, g strings and booty shorts.  Have lots of panties that are new and would love to get dirty for you! im addicted to shopping for stockings/tights/knee highs and my ultimate favourite SOCKS! I love getting dirty and working up the sweat.  With one day wear my socks get quite the scent, if you want ill wear socks up to a week long!